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With decades of database development and data analysis experience, Citrin Cooperman’s data team is available to assist with the solution you need to leverage your data to get the critical information you need to optimize your decision-making capabilities.

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Services Included

Solutions that leverage Microsoft Office tools in order to minimize software purchases

Interfaces that are customized and intuitive to streamline the end user learning curve

Procedures that automate the import, export, and manipulation of data so that repetitive tasks and errors related to manual processes are eliminated

Reports that provide information in a way that convey critical information in the exact way the business needs

Updates that are available on demand instead of waiting for vendors to respond at their convenience

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

The database creation and analysis services will help your organization harness your data and transform it into information that will help you make more rapid, accurate, and informed business decisions. Whether you are looking for a data entry solution that provides efficiency and uniformity to the data collection process or whether you need to extract actionable information from your data, our team can help you develop the solution you need.

When You Should Reach Out

  • Your organization is not able to get good information from large amounts of data to run the business
  • Your organization uses time-intensive manual processes on a recurring basis
  • You take a significant amount of time to respond to senior management’s request for financial information
  • Your management is responsible for merging data from several systems or sources


Value to Your Business

  • Data entry interfaces to greatly streamline the accurate collection of raw data
  • Analytics to “slice and dice” data into charts, pivot tables, reports and actionable information built to your specific needs
  • Conversion tools to automate the process of retrieving and standardizing data from disparate sources and formats

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