Network Attack and Penetration Testing

Focused on Helping You Enhance Your Network Infrastructure

Our top-notch penetration testing techniques will help you understand your company’s vulnerabilities and risks that exist within your infrastructure.

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Services Included

Assessment of the controls and safeguards of your system
Detailed baseline of vulnerabilities and system configuration findings
Detailed remediation advice
Prioritized set of recommendations based on threat exposure
Comprehensive report detailing the results of the assessment

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Citrin Cooperman simulates current, real-world attacks against your network to test perimeter security protections, internal network monitoring, and other technologies you have deployed to protect your employees and business. Using non-destructive methods and tactics employed by today’s criminals, we give you a picture of where you are strongest, where you are weakest, and where your security program needs to focus new attention. Our team is your tactical advisor for setting up your electronic defenses and honing them into a solid, effective solution for doing business.

When you should reach out

  • You have not tested company’s IT environment for vulnerabilities
  • You have not performed a penetration test within your environment in the past 12 months
  • Periodic penetration or vulnerability assessments are required for compliance


Value to Your Business

  • Understand and remediate vulnerabilities that exist within your company
  • Build a stronger awareness of risks and vulnerabilities within your infrastructure
  • Development of a risk mitigation strategy to enhance your network infrastructure
  • Ensure you meet compliance requirements

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