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Focused on Ensuring Your Organization Follows the Best Cybersecurity Policies

Citrin Cooperman’s deep understanding of the cyberspace and the many risks involved in it makes us the best partner to help you develop efficient policies and procedures.

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Services Included

Develop an IT Policy Framework

  • Our team works with you to develop a framework that best fits your company and your goals

Establish Controls

  • We determine what we need to prove to meet the policy and achieve our objectives

Establish Procedures

  • We determine what activities you need to perform and how to streamline them


  • Catalog of policies and procedures
  • Classification policies
  • IT security employee protocols

How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

Many companies have challenges in developing clear, concise and well–organized IT and cybersecurity policies. Policies must be useable, workable, and realistic while demonstrating compliance with regulatory mandates.

Working with our team of experienced professionals, your organization will have appropriate and best practice policies to help your security program run smoothly, gain broader adoption, improve compliance, and reduce risks.

When You Should Reach Out

  • Your company’s IT and cybersecurity policies are not documented
  • Your company’s policies and procedures have not been vetted to align with best practices
  • Your employees lack training to understand and comply with your IT security policies and procedures


Value to Your Business

  • Designed IT and security policies and procedures created for your company and in line with COBIT, NIST, SANS and/or ISACA
  • Policies and procedures which take into consideration applicable regulations and standards
  • Implementation guidance, including options for employee training, to ensure effective implementation of the policies and procedures

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