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Testimonial - Franchise - Lemon Tree Hair Salons

Q: What sets us apart from other accounting firms or professional service providers you have used in the past?

A: I have a long-standing relationship with Citrin Cooperman and have worked with a few partners and other staff members at the firm over the years. The one thing that continues to be consistent is the responsiveness from all of the people that I have dealt with. They understand my business and they know who I am. I never get a response like "Who is this?" or "Why are you calling?" Everyone has always been attentive and responsive and understood my needs.

Q: How have we helped you achieve your goals? Is there a specific experience that stands out?

A: Citrin Cooperman, and specifically Bob Gilbert, have been instrumental in helping us navigate the post-COVID world, specifically in managing the PPP and ERTC programs. Bob's level of insight and accuracy was truly better than anyone I spoke to, about all of the varied programs that businesses had to deal with throughout COVID. I was getting informattion from Bob and sharing it with friends who had no idea about any of the things that Bob knew about.

Q: What has been the highlight of our relationship?

A: I did not see any of my peers getting the level of expertise, guidance, and insight that I was getting from Bob Gilbert from their firms. I am always impressed with his responsiveness. With all of his professional and personal obligations, he always makes time for us.

Jonathan Shaw, President/CEO of Lemon Tree Hair Salons

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