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Citrin Cooperman is a trusted resource for helping companies navigate the accounting and financial reporting challenges of business combinations. Our knowledge can help you develop strategies and processes that result in consistent, accurate and transparent financial reporting. 

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Business Combinations

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Mergers and acquisitions, even the most straightforward, come with their own unique set of challenges and complex accounting issues under ASC 805 as well as international accounting standards. Some examples include variable consideration, common control (or “put together”) transactions, and reverse acquisitions. All having ripple effects on business operations and performance measurements. In addition, these transactions can create a strain on your internal resources and often require technical expertise beyond that of your finance department.

From assessment and valuation through the post-combination period, our dedicated team of well-matched professionals is highly experienced in all aspects of business combinations.

With Citrin Cooperman, your company can:

  • Define the scope of the business combination

  • Assess federal, state, and local tax implications and effects

  • Determine fair value

  • Consider post-acquisition financial reporting implications of the transaction

  • Understand the financial implications of the more complex components of a business combination, including intangible assets, goodwill, puts, calls, and other contingencies

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