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Auto Dealerships in the Crosshairs of a Ransomware Attack

Find out if your dealership is vulnerable

By Wilfredo Fernandez, Ellen Kera, Michael Camacho .

Auto Dealerships in the Crosshairs of a Ransomware Attack

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While attackers possess an arsenal of weapons to select from, their most ruthlessly effective choice is ransomware. Ransomware is an attack that is typically deployed by concealing it in an innocent looking email attachment that, once opened, instantaneously spreads through a victim’s network, paralyzing any computer or server that it touches. The only means of recovering from ransomware is to go through a painstaking restoration of data and applications from a backup or to pay an immense ransom to a shadowy criminal organization, hoping they provide you with the key to unlock your computers.

Any dealership that feels as though they are not squarely in the crosshairs of a cybercriminal’s ransomware attack should think again. A recent Automotive News article provides a terrifying look at how a dealership was brought down by a ransomware attack, resulting in cleanup costs that could approach $500,000 when all is said and done. And this attack is not a fluke, as the number of ransomware cases related to dealerships are growing along with the sophistication of the attacks, resulting in a threat that is not going away any time soon.

And while costly recovery methods, including rebuilding or paying the ransom are an option, there is a strategy that could avoid the nightmare of a cyber-attack altogether: prevention.

Taking preemptive action before an attack occurs could allow you to dramatically reduce your risk of becoming that next ransomware victim. The Technology and Risk Advisory Consulting (TRAC) team at Citrin Cooperman have developed a host of resources to keep your business safe, including the SCORE Report, a proprietary cybersecurity risk assessment that will help you Identify risks and address vulnerabilities that may exist in your dealership’s technology environment. The results of the SCORE Report© assessment provide an intuitive and actionable plan, providing your dealership with a solution to help navigate the dangers of the cybersecurity landscape.

Contact a member of Citrin Cooperman Automotive Dealerships Practice team to learn more about how to protect your dealership from cyber criminals.

Ask us about our proprietary SCORE Report©, as well as our other cybersecurity services, including awareness training, spear phishing campaigns, penetration testing, compliance gap assessments or incident response resources at


Michael Camacho, Partner, and Kevin Ricci, Principal,

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