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Citrin Cooperman Provides Statement in Response to Purolite Corp. Lawsuit

The partners of Citrin Cooperman issued the following statement in response to a press release sent to numerous outlets by the principal shareholders of a former client, Brotech Corporation doing business as Purolite Corp., describing an ongoing litigation.

“Citrin Cooperman strongly refutes the attack made against our firm and several of our partners by the principal shareholders of Purolite. Our firm has successfully built our business and our reputation for over 40 years since starting the business in 1979 and today have over 40,000 satisfied clients. The campaign Purolite is now engaged in to damage the reputation of our firm is abhorrent and punitive. We are all deeply troubled by their baseless claims and their personal attacks,” said Citrin Cooperman Co-Founder and CEO Joel Cooperman.

The former client has included a number of inaccuracies in their press release and has named individuals in both their press releases and litigation who have had no involvement with the Purolite account. As recently as a week ago, Purolite requested that Citrin Cooperman prepare tax returns on Purolite’s behalf taking positions that the firm does not agree with. As a result, Citrin Cooperman denied their request.

The leadership of Citrin Cooperman is confident that the facts will speak for themselves in the appropriate forum.  The firm is resolved to ensure the truth comes out and is determined to protect the reputation of the firm, its clients and people. Citrin Cooperman remains dedicated to providing their clients with top-level client service backed by a full suite of assurance, tax, and advisory services geared towards helping their clients grow their business and improve their personal finances.

About Citrin Cooperman: Citrin Cooperman is among the largest, full-service assurance, tax, and business advisory firms in the United States, having steadily built its business serving a diverse and loyal clientele since 1979. Our daily mission is to help our clients “focus on what counts.” Rooted in our core values, we provide a comprehensive, integrated business approach to traditional services, which includes proactive insights throughout the lifecycle of our clients wherever they do business, across the globe. Citrin Cooperman is an independent firm associated with Moore Global Network Limited.

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