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Cybersecurity & Privacy Disrupters and Cybersecurity Insurance in the COVID-19 Era

Issues and Actions You Can Take

Citrin Cooperman's Technology, Risk Advisory, and Cybersecurity (TRAC) Practice, in conjunction with USI Insurance Services, presented a webinar, "Cybersecurity & Privacy Disrupters and Cybersecurity Insurance in the COVID-19 Era – Issues and Actions You Can Take."

With cyber-attacks increasing by over 500% since the COVID-19 era began, businesses are under siege, challenged with having to defend their data while also contending with a scattered workforce and diminished revenue. To help businesses protect their information during these unprecedented times, this webinar will cover challenges companies face in preventing, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity-related activities including:

  • Examining today’s cybersecurity landscape
  • Avoiding social engineering threats such as spear phishing
  • Navigating the labyrinth of data security and privacy regulations
  • Deploying an effective cybersecurity awareness training program
  • Selecting the right cyber insurance coverage for your business’ unique risks
  • Utilizing penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities before attackers take advantage of them
  • Verifying that third-party vendors are securing your data from compromise
  • Developing an incident response plan that will help your business quickly respond to

Watch the webinar recording here:

View the presentation here:

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