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Do We Have Your Attention?

Well, the cybercriminals have your attention now…

Media coverage related to cyberattacks over the past several weeks have the makings of a suspense/thriller right out of Hollywood… shadow figures infiltrating organizations, encrypting their data, and bringing the company to its knees. First, Colonial Pipeline was hit, inducing a buying panic in the Southeast and elevating fuel prices nationwide. Shortly thereafter, JBS suffered an attack, raising fears about the domestic beef supply. Then Fujifilm and the Steamship Authority of Massachusetts experienced attacks which shut down operations and impacted countless people as the companies attempted to right the ship. Last week, in the first meeting between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, discussions related to cyberattacks were front and center.

Still not sure how this relates to your company?

Recently, Christopher Krebs, former Director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, said in an interview, “If you’re a corporate executive or a state and local agency head and you thought that you would be spared, that criminals wouldn’t go after you, everyone is in play. Every single corporate executive needs to be convening their cybersecurity teams and their business resilience teams today to understand what their business continuity plans are. How are they going to recover from a hack?”

The fact is, no business, small or large, from gasoline to hotdogs, is out of bounds here. For TRAC’s vulnerability management team, comprised of ethical hackers, penetration and vulnerability experts, and cyber specialists, these attacks are becoming far too commonplace. Ransomware attacks, Office 365 infiltrations, and other network hacks – in 75% of the cases we see, there is one thing in common…the incident could have been prevented with a better understanding of how cyber risk impacts an organization. Whether you start with a cyber risk assessment, such as our proprietary SCORE Report, or a vulnerability assessment/penetration test, or by implementing a cybersecurity education program backed up by a spear phishing campaign, or by simply having a conversation…the key is, it’s time to start! Citrin Cooperman is here to help.

If you’d like to schedule a call to discuss cyber risk and the impact on your specific organization, contact Michael Camacho ( or Kevin Ricci ( to take the first and most important step in protecting your organization.

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