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How CC EDGE Is Taking Action

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How CC EDGE Is Taking Action

MISSION: Citrin Cooperman Empowering Diversity and Gender Equality (CC EDGE) strives to establish a culture, within Citrin Cooperman, that enables each individual to create the career that they want - within the firm's framework - based on a safe, respectful, and inclusive workplace, that provides for equal opportunity, fairness, and work-life flexibility.

CULTURE: CC EDGE aims to shift mindsets and build a culture at Citrin Cooperman that understands, appreciates, and supports the diverse, gender-specific, needs of everyone in the firm. This culture shift is achieved by helping individuals develop personal and professional success through self-leadership and market-facing skills, and by infusing an attitude of equality and diversity through widespread awareness efforts and global outreach activities.

COMMUNICATION: Communication is essential to active, intentional, and ongoing efforts to promote the mission of CC EDGE.  Monthly CC EDGE Global Committee meetings, firm wide emails and news blasts, and regular interaction with firm leadership, ensures we are sharing the message and promoting participation.

KNOWLEDGE & RESOURCES:  To  carry  out  its mission, CC EDGE provides ongoing training and learning opportunities, which include mandatory attendance for classes on topics like Unconscious Bias, and voluntary attendance for virtual presentations or "EDGETalks," where diverse panels share best practices on a wide range of issues.

The CC EDGE corporate portal has a large library of resources relating to all aspects of DEI, to inspire, to encourage activism, to share experiences, and to learn how to be an ally. This includes. among others, listings of associations, books, news, articles and research papers, and a calendar of local and national annual DEI events.

Citrin Cooperman formed CC EDGE (Empowering Diversity and Gender Equality), led by Nichol Chiarella and Laura Crowley and a global committee comprised of men and women of various ages, ethnicity, race, and professional levels, with representation in each Citrin Cooperman office location.

Citrin Cooperman partners with organizations that promote open-mindedness and change. Our relationships include organizations like PENCIL, Women’s Enterprise Development Center, The Hispanic Federation, Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs, Leading Women Entrepreneurs, Professional Women in Construction, and many others.

CC EDGE works with the corporate learning and development team (CC LEADS) to provide firm-wide diversity trainings to all employees.

Our commitment to DEI also extends beyond the workplace to the community through charitable events and fundraisers throughout the year. These include, among many others, our India office's campaign to collect much-needed feminine sanitary products, our annual campaigns across our U.S. offices to support women's shelters, and our Juneteenth contributions to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Our hope is to continue to foster an environment that ensures success for a diverse and equitable workplace that empowers our people and connects them to the clients and communities we serve.

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