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MasterSnacks - Cybersecurity

MasterSnacks, our C-Suite Snacks spin-off, brings you a series of topic-specific courses, using our snack-sized sessions to go in depth on content important to you.

Course 1: Third-Party Crashers: Avoiding Service Provider Risk Headaches


Aired May 12, 2021
Presented by: Kevin Ricci, Partner

As your business wages war against cyber criminals, you must combat the vulnerabilities posed by your own third-party service providers. Your external providers must be held accountable in order to keep your business safe and secure.

During Session 1 of our MasterSnacks: Cybersecurity series, we covered more about mitigating third-party risks by evaluating and managing your service providers. Key takeaways included:

  • Third-party risk evaluation and management systems
  • Strategies to mitigate risk
  • The value and difference between SOC Reports


Course 2: Disaster Recovery - Hoping for the Best but Planning for the Worst


Aired May 19, 2021
Presented by: Kevin Ricci, Partner

Since a disaster is more a matter of “when” and not “if,” it’s critical to have a plan in place to ensure a rapid recovery. Whether it’s a natural cataclysm or a human-made catastrophe, having actionable, tested steps in place to recover could mean the difference between a brief outage and weeks of downtime.

In this session, we covered disaster recovery planning. Key takeaways included:

  • Knowing the key components to include in a plan
  • Understanding Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Differentiating between disaster recovery, business continuity, and incident response plans


Course 3: Playing Offense - A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity


Aired May 26, 2021
Presented by: Kevin Ricci, Partner and Michael Camacho, Partner

In today's world, a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds on average. For every doom and gloom story we can tell, there are also instances where another organization’s proactive defense has helped to avoid a cyber attack.

During our final MasterSnacks: Cybersecurity session, we discussed strategies your company can implement to move your IT environment from reactive to proactive. We also shared examples of current clients whose proactive positions have had a real impact in thwarting hackers' attempts at infiltrating their organizations.

We covered:

  • Case studies on companies that have successfully staved off cyber attacks
  • Proactive strategies for protecting your infrastructure
  • Automated tools to facilitate more timely evaluation and monitoring

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