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New Jersey's Top CEOs and Business Leaders Reinvent Their Firms to Better Serve their Clients

As seen in COMMERCE Magazine

COMMERCE Magazine compiled their annual best practices guide in the September 2020 issue, with a focus on how COVID-19 has changed how we do business. Alex Serrano, the office managing partner of the New Jersey office, discusses how Citrin Cooperman has reimagined the future and reinvented their business, in the feature article, "New Jersey's Top CEOs and Business Leaders Reinvent Their Firms to Better Serve their Clients"

“For several years, ideas like disruption, innovation, and change were used to describe the business climate. While not wrong, the true meaning behind these ideas were never imagined with the urgency needed for them today. The impact of COVID-19 has hit hard, turning “business as usual” into a foreign concept as business owners were forced to rapidly evolve, transition, and reinvent themselves to ensure their survival.

Being evolution ready, Citrin Cooperman was structured to adapt quickly to change. Our clients need us more than ever, so we created the COVID-19 Response Unit (CRU) - a dedicated team of professionals and resources to address clients’ critical needs and deliver timely solutions, from crisis through transition. CRU works 24/7 to comprehend new guidance, and maintains a dedicated resource portal. Additionally, we created the COVID-19 Transition Playbook with key steps and measures for a business to survive and thrive in any outcome.”

To learn more about how Citrin Cooperman is helping clients transition through COVID-19, take a look at our COVID-19 Transition Playbook.

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