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Testimonial - Cannabis - LEVIA Cannabis Infused Beverages

“The regulatory framework / federal illegality has created a very unique industry that is built on state-by-state microeconomies, these barriers to entry are both the unique industry challenges and reasons that drew me to cannabis. We have a chance to create new brands while the large multinationals remain on the sidelines until the federal stance on the products changes.

We recently sold LEVIA to a public company and multi-state operator, AYR Wellness, having the assistance of Mitzi Keating and the Citrin Cooperman team made the transaction much simpler for all parties involved. Having a team with the expertise and knowledge of the cannabis industry was extremely important to be able to close the transaction in the most efficient manner.

Citrin Cooperman helped us reach our goals by simply being a trusted and valued partner, we always knew we had great insight when working with the Citrin Cooperman team.

What sets Citrin Cooperman apart is Responsiveness! No issue was too big or too small for the Citrin Cooperman team to put forth their best efforts and support our company. I know that Citrin Cooperman puts their clients’ needs first and always delivers.”

Matt Melander, President and CFO, LEVIA Cannabis Infused Beverages

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