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Testimonial - Not-for-Profit - Riley's Way Foundation

"What sets Citrin Cooperman apart from other accounting firms that I have used in the past is the timely and personal level of attention I have come to expect and rely upon in all of my dealings with the firm. While I understand that I am not a big client, I am never meant to feel this way by the responsiveness I always receive from my team members at Citrin Cooperman.

From my years of experience in working with Citrin Cooperman, I know that they will both be there for any issues that may arise, and will then promptly work with me to resolve these issues in a timely, fair, and appropriate manner. I have come to look to my colleagues at Citrin Cooperman as an extension of my own team, and I have come to trust them implicitly. This is incredibly meaningful for me, and is something that I have never been able to say about other accounting firms I have worked with in the past.

The highlight of my relationship with Citrin Cooperman has been when their team members come in person, and at their own expense, to support us at our annual charity gala. In this way, they get to see firsthand what the work they are helping us to achieve is all about. It is also nice to be able to engage with my Citrin Cooperman team members in a social setting, where we can learn who we are as people, outside of our roles as client and accounting firm. I always look forward to spending this time together each year, and I sincerely believe that they do as well."

Brian Potash, Controller, Riley's Way Foundation

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