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The Breach That Stole Christmas

By Kevin Ricci .

Dr. Seuss’ Grinch has been the embodiment of Christmas criminality for generations, synonymous with stealing Santa’s identity, as well as all of the belongings of Whoville. This fictional felon is quickly being supplanted by a much more nefarious and tangible threat: cyber criminals. These villains are just as profound in their pilfering as the Grinch, stealing as many of our identities and digital possessions as they can, leaving nary a slice of roast beast in their wake. And unlike the infamous animated antagonist, there is little hope that the hearts of cyber criminals will suddenly grow three sizes, allowing them to abandon their unending barrage of breaches.

As the holidays arrive, and with the pandemic limiting brick and mortar shopping choices, the specter of cyber criminals looms large in the minds of online shoppers. Studies show that, two thirds of consumers are concerned about a potential data breach. It is another statistic, however, that should make every business with an online presence take notice: over three quarters of those surveyed indicated that they would be hesitant to do business with a company that experienced a data breach. It is terrifying to think that one unpatched server, or a single compromised password, is all that stands between a business’ success and insolvency.1

So how does an organization avoid the holiday horror of a cyber-attack? Citrin Cooperman offers a wide array of cybersecurity services to help keep a business safe and secure, including:

  • Cybersecurity Assessments
    • Citrin Cooperman provides an array of cybersecurity assessments to help a business understand the impact of a breach, identify the most critical systems and data, understand how to protect those key systems and data, recognize and prioritize gaps, and build a roadmap to a safer and more secure environment. 
  • SecurityAwarenessTrainingandSpearPhishing Simulations
    • Since the genesis of over 90% of data breaches is a spear phishing attack, it is imperative to train employees to identify and avoid this threat. Citrin Cooperman can provide your business with the training and simulations needed to avoid the scourge of spear phishing.
  • Compliance
    • Whether a company stores driver’s license numbers, credit card data, Social Security numbers, or other sensitive information, Citrin Cooperman can help identify what regulations apply and how to efficiently and cost effectively meet the necessary requirements.
  • Penetration Testing
    • A misconfigured network device can open the door for cyber criminals to enter your business. Citrin Cooperman’s vulnerability management team can act as a “simulated bad guy” by conducting internal and external penetration testing to identify any vulnerabilities. A prioritized strategic plan to address any findings will be provided to help your business fortify its defenses against an actual attack.

To help avoid the cyber attackers this holiday season, be sure to practice good cybersecurity hygiene, the gift that truly keeps on giving.

For more information or to set up a meeting to discuss how Citrin Cooperman can help protect your sensitive information, please reach out to Kevin Ricci.



1General Global Assistance. (November 17, 2020). 2 in 3 Concerned About Data Breaches During The Holiday Shopping Season This Year. [Press Release]. Retrieved from 

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