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ISO 27001 - A Standard to Boost Your Company's Credibility

With each passing second, our data-driven world is sinking into the abyss of security violations. It’s no surprise that governments across the world are deploying much stricter data privacy requirements.

For any organization, information security is at the core of its overall security ecosystem. All it takes is a single vulnerability to put an entire organization at risk from a devastating cyberattack or data breach. Therefore, a systematic standardized approach to managing information security risks is a necessity to ward off malicious cyber threats. A standard named ISO 27001 takes this approach and helps your organization effectively structure its information security management system (ISMS).

What is ISO 27001?

The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) is a global body that develops various standards to ensure product safety and quality. It developed the ISO 27001 standard to further streamline the information security protocols by providing a set of guidelines to help organizations in implementing, maintaining, and continually upgrading an ISMS. ISO 27001 provides organizations with a framework to manage their information security processes and controls, making it one of the more popular methods for addressing risk management and information security compliance.

ISO 27001 Requirements:

This standard provides an extensive checklist in terms of documents and process controls, including:

  • Identifying existing and potential data risks
  • Defining the scope of ISMS
  • Conducting a risk assessment on a regular basis
  • Setting clear objectives for every security measure
  • Understanding the expectations of the stakeholders
  • Implementing proper process controls and risk management protocols
  • Continuously measuring and improving the performance of ISMS

ISO 27001 requires process controls at various levels and a periodic assessment. Though not mandatory, ISO 27001 compliance indicates your organization’s seriousness in protecting data assets and helps you boost your competitive edge and retain customers. In simpler terms, having an ISO 27001 certification clearly demonstrates your company considers security as exceptionally important.

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