Citrin Cooperman Supports You at Every Stage of Your Deal's Life Cycle

  • Structure Considerations

  • Identifying Opportunities & Capital Raise

  • Managing Deal Flow & Financial Analysis

  • Maximizing Profits & Minimizing Tax Impact

  • Exit Strategy

Structure Considerations

Structuring a successful deal involves careful consideration of all potential issues that may arise from the start. As you begin to evaluate your structure, our professionals are here to help you effectively navigate the full deal cycle.

  • Fund and transaction structuring
  • Technology and cybersecurity consultation
  • Internal processes and controls structure
  • REIT compliance
Using REITs as Alternative Structures to Maximize Success

Identifying Opportunities & Capital Raise

Identifying new opportunities and executing a plan requires skillful consultation with a laser focus on raising required funds. Our team is ready to help you elevate your portfolio and keep your plan in forward motion.

  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Operating agreement/management fee consultation
  • Opportunity zone and tax credit analysis
Five Due Diligence Keys for Successful Deals

Managing Deal Flow & Financial Analysis

Evaluating each opportunity requires thorough oversight of your portfolio. Our team is here to help you develop a targeted plan to execute your strategy. We take a consultative approach to our tax, financial statement, and compliance services to help make your portfolio successful.

  • Cash flow, profitability, and carried interest analysis
  • Financial statement and income tax compliance
  • Investment planning and valuation consultation
Financial Statement and Income Tax Compliance

Maximizing Profits & Minimizing Tax Impact

Assessing every aspect of your deal with a diligent approach is critical in enhancing the overall profitability of your portfolio or fund. We are here to help the success of your deals by providing the oversight and management required to achieve profitability.

  • Business process outsourcing
  • Operational analysis
  • Cost segregation analysis and energy efficiency consultation
  • Investor/real estate professional tax planning
Business Process Outsourcing for Real Estate Entities

Exit Strategy

As you plan and prepare to liquidate your portfolio, we are here to provide financial and tax projections and modeling, advice on 1031s, and trust and estate planning, among other services. Our end goal is to create efficiencies that allow you to maximize the return on your investment.

  • Financial and tax projections/modeling
  • Tax deferral strategies
  • Trust and estate planning
  • International tax and state/local tax consulting
Financial and Tax Projects for a Smooth Transition

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