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Focused on Using Automation to Help Companies Drive More Value

We develop and implement automation strategies for mid-sized businesses that create reliability and repeatability in their business processes. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we help clients create efficiency and velocity throughout their business.

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Services Included

Rapid Automation Assessment 
  • Assess your operations to identify the best candidates for automation and to identify the benefit and calculate the ROI.


Automation Design 
  • We work with your business users to simultaneously improve and design the automated process.


Automation Implementation 
  • We install, build, and deploy your bots quickly so you can get fast ROI and move on to automating other processes.



How Citrin Cooperman Can Help

We can help your business by rapidly automating processes to allow your business to grow. Automation can help create efficiencies, increase quality, and accelerate processes, allowing you to focus on areas of your business that drive value for your customers.

For middle-market businesses just beginning to explore automation options, our Process Improvement and Automation team can provide a Rapid Automation Assessment, which will evaluation your current processes and systems, identify three tiers of business processes through which automation can provide value for your business, and develop a business case for ultimately driving a return on your investment.


Why Citrin Cooperman?

  • Built for the Middle Market - We have the experience of the Fortune 500 but our focus is the middle market. We understand how middle-market businesses determine priorities and what it takes to execute.
  • Focus on Execution - Our consultants don't just advise, they also execute. We only provide advice that is realistic for your business to achieve.
  • We Understand Value - Our background as an accounting firm means we care about the numbers in everything we recommend and always consider bottom-line benefits.

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